Zero Waste Bathroom: Best Flossing Products

I started my sustainable journey this year and I’m always looking for more things to add to my tool kit. One of the places I notice a lot of waste gets created is the bathroom. If I’m looking to reduce how much I’m throwing out the bathroom is a good place to start. How can I bring some of the zero waste ideas I’ve learned to my bathroom practices?

Dental Floss Waste

Looking at my bathroom the first thing I noticed was the amount floss I use every day. I like to take my dental health seriously but I noticed it was creating a lot of waste. There must be a better way to take care of my teeth. I looked into some floss alternatives and got into all the available options. I wanted to share a few of the ones that I found were the most helpful. This lead me to think what are the best flossing products for a zero waste bathroom?

Zero Waste Bathroom: Water Flossers

What are they?

One of the most interesting products I found are oral irrigators, or, water flossers. These devices have a small water tank and spray water to remove debris from your teeth. These things are so interesting once you get the hang of using one. They come in various sizes and models so there are a lot of options. This is a great options to add to your sustainable lifestyle. There are plug in models as well as portable USB rechargeable ones.

Why are they sustainable?

Sustainable Water Stream

Water flossers are sustainable because they use water instead of a string between your teeth. This reduces the waste that more traditional floss creates. They are a great way to make your bathroom more zero waste

Best Water Flosser

My pick for the best water flosser needs to be the Waterpik Aquarius Professional WP-672. This model comes in a sleek design that will fit on your counter top but it is very powerful. This model plugs into the wall with a 4 foot power cord. This allows for a lot of flexibility when finding the perfect place to put it.

Waterpik has earned the seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association. They give this designation to products that clear their general requirements. This includes the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. One of the concerns of the association is the environmental impact of their industry. As a result, they encourage the use ecofriendly materials when available. They also need evidence of testing for the safety of the product. This is also to ensure the product is effective in cleaning the teeth and below the gum line.

This product is especially great for taking care of any thing like implants, crowns or braces. When wearing braces it can be difficult to remove debris from between the teeth. With an oral irrigator the task is a lot easier.
The controls on the models are also easy to use. On the handle of the sprayer there is an on/off switch which is great for controlling the stream. On the base is a dial that controls the water pressure. You can start on the lower end for more sensitive teeth and areas of the mouth and increase it to a stronger stream. It also comes with two stream modes. Flossing, which it a steady stream, and a massage feature which pulses and helps to stimulate the gum.

Best Water Flosser on a Budget

My pick on the best budget is the H2Ofloss Water Flosser. This model is a portable, USB chargeable oral irrigator. This model is ultra-portable making it great to take on trips or to take anywhere. The battery is a powerful 2500Mah that lasts 10-15 days when fully charged. It has a 300ML tank capacity and is completely water proof.

One thing that is great about this model is the different intensity settings. The H2Ofloss Water Flosser has 5 intensity settings. The lower settings are useful for people with sensitive teeth. Most sensitivity starts at the gum line so keeping that area healthy is very important.

Zero Waste Bathroom: Dental Floss

Reusable Dental Floss Container

If you like traditional floss there are lots of great sustainable options for a zero waste bathroom.

Best Sustinable Dental Floss

My best pick for sustainable floss is the Floss Picks by The Humble Co. This company has created some interesting products to take care of your oral health. They also have been actively trying to better our world. The Floss Picks are made out of cornstarch so they are naturally biodegradable. The picks also have shred resistant double threads. They help clean teeth deeper than regular single floss.

The Humble Co. not only cares about your oral health but is also interested in providing care for children in need. Part of The Humble Co. products sales goes towards Humble Smile Foundation. They are an organization trying to bring better dental care to children. They have different projects in various countries all over the world. Using these dental picks helps the environment and children around the world.

Best Sustainable Dental Floss on a Budget

The best sustainable dental floss on a budget has to be the Treebird Silk Dental Floss. This is a true zero waste product for people who want to get started living a more sustainable lifestyle. The floss is made of silk, a natural and renewable material. It’s made in a cruelty-free way using Ahimsa. This is a Hindu practice of nonviolence and applies to all living things. Silk cocoons are harvested after the metamorphosis of the silk worm so the lifecycle isn’t disrupted.

Traditional floss made from plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Silk breaks down in as little as 3 months in a commercial compost facility. Coated with a natural plant based wax this floss glides between teeth. It’s a very comfortable experience.

My favorite feature of the floss is that it comes with a container in either glass or metal. When you run out you only need to buy the refills. Each spool is about 33yrds/30m in length so it should last a while. They have a few different packs you can buy to suit your needs. The most cost effective one comes with 3 spools of floss for a reasonable price. Once you use up the floss completely put it in either a commercial or at home compost bin to decompose.

Every day I find more and more ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle. I find that each small change I make is making an impact on the environment. Changing my floss to a more sustainable option is moving my progress forward. One step at a time.

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